Victoria’s Rooftop Solar Revolution Kicks Off Today

01 July 2019

Victoria’s solar revolution takes off from today with thousands of new solar panels, batteries and hot water systems to be installed on houses across the state – boosting energy supply, creating jobs and slashing power bills.

Minister for Solar Homes Lily D’Ambrosio officially launched the Andrew’s Labor Government’s landmark Solar Homes program today. The $1.3 billion program will help 770,000 households invest in solar while creating 5,500 new jobs and slashing carbon emissions.

This financial year Solar Homes will support 49,000 installations, including 42,000 rooftop solar systems on 40,000 owner-occupied homes and 2,000 for rented homes.

The rebates for solar panels will be released each month to ensure the program is allocated fairly, rolled out safely and provides certainty for the solar industry.

For the first time 1,000 rebates will be available for solar storage batteries, to be rolled out in targeted areas in three groups – 200 from 1 July, 400 from 1 November and 400 from 1 March.

Rebates for solar hot water systems will also continue to be available for those who haven’t already accessed a rebate through the program – with 6000 allocated this financial year.

No-interest loans for solar panels will also be available to further drive down up-front costs.

Victorians wishing to participate in the Solar Homes program must to get at least one quote from an approved Solar Retailer, before confirming their eligibility through an online portal.

This streamlined application process will allow installations to occur faster and provide consumers with a discount of up to $2,225 off their invoice from their solar retailer. The no-interest loan for solar panels will also be offered at the point of sale, matching the rebate amount.

More than 32,000 households are already saving on their electricity bills through the Solar Homes program – while also doing their part to tackle climate change and create new jobs in the solar industry.

For more information about how to participate in the Solar Homes program visit

Quotes attributable to the Minister for Solar Homes Lily D’Ambrosio

“Victoria’s solar revolution starts today. This landmark program will boost energy supply, create thousands of jobs and slash power bills for families across the state.”

“Solar Homes is a critical part of the clean energy future we’re delivering – reducing pollution and tackling climate change.”

“With more rebates and now optional no-interest loans on the table, we're further reducing the up-front costs to make solar more accessible to Victorians from all across the state.”

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