Victorian Liberals Side With Sydney Over Victoria On Port Lease Cash

22 September 2016

Victorian Liberals are happy for our state to miss out on our fair share of infrastructure funding, following the lease of the Port of Melbourne.

They’re siding with their Sydney-centric mates Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison, who are blatantly ripping off Victoria and lining the streets of New South Wales with Victorian taxpayer dollars.

Victoria already misses out on its fair share of infrastructure funding, with 9 per cent of the national total going to Victoria and 31 per cent going to New South Wales.

The lease of the Port of Melbourne has delivered $9.7 billion to the Victorian people and will help remove 50 of our most dangerous and congested level crossings, creating thousands of jobs.

But Sydney-centric Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has broken his promise to provide 15 per cent of the proceeds, or around $1.4 billion, to Victoria.

Across Victoria, people are demanding this money goes to our state:

“It’s time to stop this political gamesmanship and for Victoria to get 100% of the 15%.” – Mark Stone, CEO Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 22 September 2016

“This is Victoria's money and we want it back." – Luke Hilikari, Secretary Victorian Trades Hall, 21 September 2016

"We get a raw deal on the GST, roads funding and now asset recycling payments. The local delegation appears to be MIA." – Asher Judah, Executive Director, Property Council of Victoria, 21 September 2016

“Regarding the Turnbull Government, it must pay Victoria the full 15 per cent of the port lease price – about $1.4 billion – it has promised under its asset recycling incentive program.” – Herald Sun Editorial, 21 September 2016

“Under the federal government's asset recycling scheme, Victoria is entitled to 15 per cent of the sale price for public assets, provided the proceeds are reinvested in productive infrastructure. For the port deal, 15 per cent equals $1.45 billion.” – The Age Editorial, 21 September 2016

But Matthew Guy and the Victorian Liberals, who opposed the Port deal every step of the way, are now staying silent while Sydney-centric Liberal politicians rip off Victoria.

Attributable to the Minister for Ports Minister Luke Donnellan

“Matthew Guy is backing his Liberal mates in Sydney over hard working Victorians.”

“Sydney-centric Malcolm Turnbull is going back on his word and ripping off our state. That funding was promised to us for vital road and rail projects, creating thousands of jobs.”

“We won’t stop fighting for this funding that belongs to Victorian taxpayers and should go to Victorian projects.”

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