Victoria Takes Action Against Offensive Wicked Campers

02 August 2019

The Andrews Labor Government will introduce new laws to ban vehicles displaying offensive images or slogans from travelling on Victorian roads.

Minister for Roads and Road Safety Jaala Pulford announced the new laws at a meeting with other Australian Transport Ministers today in Adelaide today. The new legislation will be presented to Parliament later this year.

Under the new legislation, any Victorian registered vehicle that displays sexist, obscene or offensive slogans can be referred to the Ad Standards Community Panel, which will review it against the Australian Association of National Advertisers Code of Ethics.

If the Panel finds the slogan breaches those standards, then it must be removed – or the vehicle’s registration will be cancelled.

The policy has been introduced in response to offensive slogans displayed on camper vans, such as Wicked Campers, which operate around Australia.

The Labor Government has been working closely with other states and territories to develop a national approach to the issue.

Once passed, Victorian law will be consistent with laws already in operation in Queensland and Tasmania, to get vehicles displaying sexist, offensive or obscene slogans off our roads.

Victoria favours a national approach to this issue and supported this today at the Transport Infrastructure Council in Adelaide.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Roads and Roads Safety Jaala Pulford

“Vehicles that display offensive, sexist or obscene slogans such as the Wicked campervans have no place on Victorian roads.”

“There is no place for sexism anywhere in our state and there will be no place for sexism on Victorian roads.”

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