Victoria Drives Renewable Energy Investment

11 June 2015

Victoria continues to be the country’s best location for renewable energy investment, thanks to planning changes which will streamline wind farm project approvals.

Applications made for new wind farms under the Andrews Labor Government will now be simpler, encouraging investment and jobs growth in regional areas.

Minister for Planning, Richard Wynne, will now assess applications for entire wind farms and associated infrastructure together, replacing the previous Coalition Government’s time-consuming, piecemeal approach.

Previously, developers had to submit multiple applications to State and local governments for different components of the projects and the infrastructure needed to connect to the electricity network.

The Minister for Planning has been responsible for determining all new wind farm proposals since the Labor Government changed the broader planning rules in April. Changes to planning rules for associated infrastructure are a logical next step as part of the Government’s commitment to encouraging renewable energy investment.

Streamlining wind farm development makes Victoria a more attractive investment option for the renewables sector.

In addition, the Labor Government’s $20 million New Energy Jobs Fund will continue to support community groups and businesses developing renewable energy projects.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Planning, Richard Wynne

“We have cut red tape to boost investment in clean energy, which will create more jobs for Victorians and grow our economy.”

“The Andrews Labor Government is sending a strong message to renewable energy investors that Victoria is the place to do business.”

Quotes attributable to Minister for Energy and Resources, Lily D’Ambrosio

“Victoria is leading the way on renewable energy. We said we would restart the industry and this is another positive step forward.”

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