VCE Language And Performance Exams Begin For Thousands Of Students

04 October 2015

Oral languages exams begin today for almost 10,000 VCE students.

Minister for Education James Merlino today wished every success to the 9,952 VCE students undertaking their VCE languages oral exams and the 5,244 students undertaking their performance exams in drama, theatre studies, dance and music.

The number of students studying at least two languages this year is up from 184 last year to 217 this year.

Chinese and French are the most popular languages among VCE students this year, with 3,274 students doing Chinese oral exam and 1,756 students undertaking French.

From October 12, 264 students doing the VCE Extended Investigation will also be completing their externally assessed oral presentations.

The VCE exam with the most students this year is English with 43,294 students sitting the English exam on Wednesday, October 28.

The top five VCE subjects this year are: English, Further Mathematics, Psychology, Mathematical Methods (CAS) and Health and Human Development. For more information on the VCE exams, visit: Link

The pressure of exams and finishing school can have a negative effect on health and wellbeing, and may lead to depression, anxiety or other mental health issues.

The Department, in partnership with headspace, has created resources for school staff to use to support students to stay engaged, safe and healthy during stressful and demanding times: Link

VCE Fast facts

  • Students doing a VCE language oral exam: 9,952
  • Students doing a performance exam: 5,244
  • VCE language subjects with an oral exam: 41
  • Number of assessors marking oral languages exams: 625
  • Students doing a Chinese language oral exam: 3,274

Quotes attributable to Minister for Education James Merlino

“Our children will need to be smarter, more creative and well-rounded, to seize on the opportunities of the future, and language and performing arts is part of that.”

“We’ve set a 10-year target to ensure more students reach the highest levels of achievement in the arts.”

“We’re investing almost $4 billion to make Victoria the Education State, so every community has access to great local schools and every child gets the chance to succeed.”

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