Undersea Survey To Kickstart Offshore Wind Revolution

28 April 2023

The Andrews Labor Government is supporting the first investigation to test seabed conditions off the Gippsland coast for the proposed Star of the South offshore wind energy project.

Minister for Energy and Resources Lily D’Ambrosio announced the start of the first ever marine geotechnical campaign in Australia for offshore wind energy.

This was made possible through a $19.5 million Victorian Government investment towards pre-construction work for Star of the South Offshore Wind Project through the Energy Innovation Fund.

A specialist vessel and crew will spend five weeks at sea collecting soil and rock samples from up to 70 metres beneath the seafloor, with the findings to help design the proposed offshore wind energy farm to suit local seabed conditions.

The study will also collect samples from 22 different locations within the project’s 2019 Exploration Licence area.

Victoria will be home to Australia’s first offshore wind farm and is leading the nation with its offshore wind energy targets of at least 2 gigawatts of capacity by 2032, 4 gigawatts by 2035 and 9 gigawatts by 2040.

Victoria is also leading the way to net zero with our target of zero emissions by 2045. This transition from coal to more affordable and reliable renewables is expected to generate $9.5 billion in economic development and create up to 59,000 new jobs.

We are also releasing a series of Offshore Wind Implementation Statements to support and guide industry and the Victorian community on the development of the offshore wind sector.

Offshore Wind Energy Victoria (OWEV) is designing a comprehensive support package that will provide the certainty required for project developers and financiers to deliver offshore wind projects in Victoria.

For more information on the Energy Innovation Fund go to Link .

Quote attributable to Minister for Energy and Resources Lily D’Ambrosio

“This will be the first marine geotechnical campaign in Australia for offshore wind energy – which is a huge achievement for Victoria as it makes the transition from coal to renewables.”

Quote attributable to Member for Eastern Victoria Tom McIntosh

“Offshore Wind energy will play a critical role in helping Victoria to achieve its target of net-zero emissions by 2045 and Gippsland will be at the centre of this transformation.”

Quote attributable to Member for Bass Jordan Crugnale

“Gippsland will be a critical part of Victoria’s off-shore wind energy industry which is already attracting lots of local investment that in turn will create regional jobs driving the transformation of the state’s energy sector.”

Reviewed 28 April 2023

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