Turnbull Slammed Again For Dudding Victoria

21 December 2017

Extraordinary comments from Coalition MPs in today’s Herald Sun show that even Malcolm Turnbull’s mates think that he’s dudding Victoria.

One MP said, “Everyone (is) trying to work out why we're backing him if he's not backing us in Victoria. Everyone’s pretty pissed off at the moment” and accused the Prime Minister for Sydney of not “backing us on infrastructure”.

Despite being home to more than 25 per cent of the nation’s population, Victoria is set to receive only 9.4 per cent of federal infrastructure funding – and all the while, Matthew Guy remains silent about the fact his Liberal mate is ripping Victorians off.

In contrast, Turnbull’s home state of New South Wales receives more than 45 per cent of infrastructure funding.

In per capita terms, the extent to which Victorians are being shortchanged is even more apparent.

Over the five years to 2020-21, on average, while every person from NSW receives $411 on infrastructure funding, a Queenslander gets $359, a Western Australian $272, a South Australian $290, and a Tasmanian $215, each Victorian is set to receive only $105.

With the fastest growing economy in the nation, Victorians are being short-changed by the Turnbull Government in excess of $7.5 billion.

Quotes attributable to Treasurer Tim Pallas

“I’ll tell you who should really be ‘pissed off’ – the people of Victoria, who are yet again being dudded by the Prime Minister for Sydney.”

“The only Victorians who are backing this woeful Prime Minister are Matthew Guy and the inner-city MPs Tim Wilson and Bridget McKenzie – with friends like that, who needs enemies?”

“When the Prime Minister is taking his morning coffee on the balcony of his Point Piper mansion, he should think to look south every once in a while.”

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