Turnbull Leaves Geelong And Southwest Coast Behind Again

09 May 2018

Sarah Henderson and the Turnbull Liberal Government have once again failed to deliver for Geelong and the south west coast, with no funding in the Federal Budget for the Geelong City Deal.

The historic deal will deliver the long-awaited Geelong Convention Centre, significant investment in the Shipwreck Coast Master Plan and revitalise the city’s CBD – injecting an extra $1.1 billion into the economy and delivering nearly 1,000 Victorian jobs every year.

The Andrews Labor Government allocated its $153.2 million share of the City Deal in the Victoria Budget 2018/19 and just last week, the Member for Corangamite Sarah Henderson said she looked “forward to our City Deal agreement being finalised as soon as possible.”

However, the Federal Budget doesn’t provide a cent for the landmark deal, putting these projects— and the jobs and economic activity they would have brought to the region — at risk.

This comes just months after the Turnbull Government sent the Land 400 defence contract to Queensland.

Sarah Henderson was accused of raising false hopes around the LAND 400 contract being awarded to Victoria and creating jobs in Geelong. Her inability to deliver any funds for the City Deal will only add to these concerns.

The Labor Government will continue to fight for a full City Deal for Geelong.

Quote attributable to Minister for Regional Development Jaala Pulford

“The City Deal is supposed to be a partnership. Our share is in the bank and we need the Federal Government to confirm their share before the end of this year.”

Quote attributable to Minister for Tourism and Major Events John Eren

“Sarah Henderson needs to stand up for Geelong. This is a slap in the face to our whole region by the Turnbull Government – not finding a cent for this landmark deal that would bring jobs and business to our region.”

Quote attributable to Member for Geelong Christine Couzens

“Sarah Henderson is out of excuses — she needs to finally admit she simply can’t deliver for Geelong.”

Quote attributable to Member for Bellarine Lisa Neville

“The Federal Liberal Party cannot be trusted to deliver for Geelong and Bellarine. Despite the big talk about the city deal — they’ve misled our community and let us down again.”

Quote attributable to Member for Western Victoria Gayle Tierney

“People in the south west are fed up with being dudded by the Liberals. If they can fund City deals in Tasmania and Sydney, why not here, for our community?”

Reviewed 19 August 2020

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