Turnbull And Guy’s Dirty Deal To Dud North East Locals

30 November 2017

Malcolm Turnbull and Matthew Guy must come clean about their dirty deal that is brazenly trying to stop the North East Link, a project that will give local roads back to local residents.

In Victorian Parliament Liberal Leader Matthew Guy claimed that the Prime Minister of Sydney, Malcolm Turnbull, would refuse to allow this desperately needed road to run through a tiny, unused strip of land at the Simpson Army Barracks in Yallambie.

The 80 metre-wide strip of surplus land has already been the subject of discussions between the North East Link Authority and the barracks, which up to this point, have been co-operative.

But Matthew Guy has claimed that Malcolm Turnbull “won’t be ceding any of Simpson Barracks” to build the missing link.

It’s time these colluding Liberals came clean.

What dirty deal has Matthew Guy done with Malcolm Turnbull in a desperate attempt to stop this road?

We know the Prime Minister of Sydney refuses to fund Victoria’s fair share of infrastructure, now he’s trying to stop any infrastructure being built at all.

Matthew Guy has already confirmed that the Liberals won’t build the North East Link, saying he wants to build the dud East-West Link first.

Quotes attributable to the Minister for Roads Luke Donnellan

“Matthew Guy is telling locals who desperately need this road to get trucked.”

“Only Labor will build the North East Link and give local roads back to local residents.”

“It’s time Matthew Guy came clean about his dirty deal with the Prime Minister of Sydney, which is trying to stop this road from ever being built.”

Reviewed 19 August 2020

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