Time For Silent Guy To Answer Simple Questions

10 August 2022

After nine days of refusing to answer even the simplest of questions about the Liberals’ donation rorts scandal, it’s time for Matthew Guy to come clean with Victorians.

Mr Guy has refused to answer questions on the donation rort at least 54 times, stating:

“Why would I be talking about something which was a proposal? It was never signed, it wasn’t agreed to, it was never put in place.” – 2 August, doorstop

“I don’t know the answer to that, and I haven’t spoken to either of the two about that – and I don’t intend to because nothing was signed.” – 3 August, doorstop

“That’s a conspiracy.” – 4 August, doorstop

“It’s a Melbourne Comedy Festival routine, is it?” – 5 August, attempting to avoid journalists at an event

“I’m not answering that. That’s last week. I’m not talking about that at all, thank you.” – 8 August, press conference

“Well, it is going to go around in circles, because I can't give you an exact date because I don't go back and look at these emails from the past. I haven't done that. We don't intend to do that.” – 8 August, trainwreck interview on 3AW

In addition to the number of questions the Herald Sun and the Age have posed in their stories about the scandal, Mr Guy must immediately answer:

  • When did Mr Guy become aware of Mr Catlin's original proposal?
  • Did Mr Guy agree to the original proposition (as Mr Catlin says in his email)?
  • Was it Mr Guy that stopped the scheme? If not, why not?
  • If Mr Guy agreed to Mr Catlin’s original proposal, why did he resign?
  • Isn’t it the case that the only reason the scheme didn’t proceed is because the Liberal donor, Mr Munz, rejected the proposal?
  • Doesn’t that mean Mr Guy approved the scheme prior to it being submitted to Mr Munz?

Victorians deserve the truth.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Government Services Danny Pearson

“There’s only one reason Matthew Guy won’t answer these very simple questions about the Liberals’ donation rorts scandal – because if he does, he’ll implicate himself.”

“There’s less than 100 days until Victorians begin casting votes, and Victorians have a right to know the true extent of Matthew Guy’s involvement in this rort of our nation-leading donation laws.”

Reviewed 09 August 2022

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