Supporting Media Diversity And Jobs In The Regions

03 June 2022

The Andrews Labor Government is supporting media diversity with a $2.7 million grant to Australian Associated Press - recognising the importance of regional media, local papers and an independent newswire.

Regional media outlets play a crucial role in their communities, especially during emergencies such as bushfires or floods, providing independent and localised news to give Victorians the detailed information they need.

The Labor Government will provide a grant of almost $2.7 million over three years for Australian Associated Press (AAP) which supports print and broadcast journalism in regional Victoria.

Grant funding has been provided to AAP in recognition of its position as a unique, trusted and recognised not for profit in the Australian media landscape.

AAP’s work underpins almost 50 regional newspapers and radio stations across Victoria – as well as 34 national outlets that distribute or broadcast into the state – by filing stories and photographs every day, around the clock on politics, sport, courts, finance and major news events.

In Victoria, AAP employs about 18 editorial staff, whose stories are run throughout Victoria, Australia and internationally. The grant builds on the Labor Government’s $20 million Regional Press Support Package, which has helped maintain regional jobs and public interest journalism through the COVID-19 pandemic.

This grant will now ensure AAP can continue to employ the journalists and resources it needs to provide a strong, independent newswire service to other media outlets in regional Victoria and around the nation.

AAP is a not-for-profit organisation with charitable status. Its revenue goes directly to achieving its charitable objectives through the creation of public interest journalism.

Every day, AAP publishes more than 220 stories and captures more than 400 images for use by other media outlets across their websites, newspapers and radio and TV broadcasts. Its content is vital to regional media, which do not employ journalists in Melbourne.

AAP was threatened with closure in 2020 before being purchased by a group of philanthropists determined to maintain an important voice that started more than 86 years ago.

To help regional papers continue to recover from the global pandemic, the Government will extend its vital advertising support to regional papers until the end of the year.

Quotes attributable to Premier Daniel Andrews

Local newspapers, radio and television outlets are vital to our regional communities, providing the range of voices and local information needed to make informed decisions.

“That’s why we’re proud to announce further support that will help ensure the long-term sustainability of regional media outlets and jobs for journalists right across Victoria.”

Reviewed 03 June 2022

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