Statewide Rollout Of Conducted Energy Devices For Police

23 December 2021

All Victorian frontline police and Protective Services Officers will be equipped with conducted energy devices to help them safely respond to violent offenders and keep the community safe.

The Andrews Labor Government will deliver $214 million over five years, and $40.5 million ongoing, to roll out the CEDs (sometimes referred to as tasers) to all frontline police officers and PSOs – ensuring they have more non-lethal options to safely resolve dangerous situations.

CEDs have been in use by specialist police units since 2004 and are also used across regional Victoria, with the rollout of CEDs to 37 regional 24-hour police stations completed in 2018. This experience has demonstrated how successful CEDs can be in resolving critical incidents.

Currently, metropolitan frontline police and PSOs have three tactical options available to them as part of standard equipment provided for their duties, including a baton, oleoresin capsicum spray or foam, and a firearm.

The use of CEDs will provide an additional resource for police and PSOs to resolve dangerous incidents involving volatile or violent offenders quickly and safely, allowing them to better protect themselves and the community.

Specialist training will be provided to all police officers and PSOs, while police stations will also be fitted out so the equipment can be stored safely and securely.

The broader rollout will begin in early 2022, with the allocation of CEDs to police stations to be determined by Victoria Police based on operational needs.

This funding builds on the Victorian Government’s record $3.8 billion investment in police, including 3135 new sworn police officers, a new police training facility, new and upgraded police stations, high-tech Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology for all highway patrol cars, an expanded Air Wing, mobile technology and new police powers.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Police Lisa Neville

Victoria’s dedicated police officers and PSOs go above and beyond to keep our community safe, which can involve dealing with volatile situations, and dangerous individuals.”

“The statewide rollout of conducted energydevices means we are ensuring police and PSOs have more non-lethal tools at their disposal to continue their vital work in keeping all Victorians safe.”

“This builds on our record investmentin police resources including more than 3000 new sworn police officers on the frontline keeping us safe by 2022.”

Reviewed 22 December 2021

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