Statement On The Sitting Of The Victorian Parliament

10 September 2022

Following the sad passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the Victorian Parliament will adjourn for one week as a mark of respect.

As per the advice of the Presiding Officers, following the proclamation of Her Majesty’s successor, both Houses of Parliament will sit on Tuesday so that Members of the Assembly and Council can be sworn by oath or affirmation.

Following this process, both the Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council will adjourn for one week as a mark of respect and return to sit on Tuesday 20 September – in line with the Parliament of NSW.

That day of sitting will be used for a motion of condolence for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, with both Houses adjourning for the day at the motion’s conclusion.

The Parliament of South Australia is also delivering messages of condolence on Tuesday 20 September.

Wednesday 21 September and Thursday 22 September will sit as normal, with valedictory speeches being given by retiring Members.

Reviewed 10 September 2022

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