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Victoria’s Longest-Serving Teachers Recognised

20 May 2023

More than 300 Victorians have been recognised for their extraordinary contribution to education, with their dedication to schools, students and families earning them a Recognition of Service to Victorian Education honour.

Minister for Education Natalie Hutchins has congratulated 304 staff on being honoured for 40, 45, 50 and 55 years of service to education in Victoria, highlighting the profound impact they’ve had on the lives of thousands of young Victorians during their careers.

Service recognition is awarded each year to celebrate dedication, loyalty and longevity of service to the Department of Education, with a majority of recipients being teachers.

Among those being honoured include Beverly Hansen who has served for 40 years – now the Principal at Dandenong West Primary School, Beverly was one of the final cohorts to begin their careers through the Studentship Teacher Colleges program.

After arriving in Victoria from Egypt, Farid Anawati used his engineering qualifications to teach physics and maths and has been a celebrated and continued part of Western Heights Secondary College for an astonishing 55 years.

Long-serving English and history teacher at Camberwell High School Richard Geddes is also being recognised for his commitment to education – serving 55 years in education, he initially embarked upon his career after encouragement from his mother.

Overall there are 172 eligible recipients being celebrated for 40 years of their service, 78 for 45 years, 45 for 50 years and nine for 55 years of serving the Victorian education system.

Some schools are celebrating multiple recipients including:

  • Ballarat High School with two 50 year recipients
  • University High School with one 40 year recipient and one 50 year recipient
  • Balwyn Primary School with one 40 year recipient, one 45 year recipient and one 50 year recipient.

The 2023 Recognition of Service ceremony will take place Sunday, 21 May at the Pullman Melbourne on the Park.

The Labor Government is building the Education State, so that every Victorian has access to a great education.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Education Natalie Hutchins

“Victoria is home to some of the most talented and dedicated teachers in the nation and I want to thank all teachers, along with staff, for their extraordinary commitment to education.”

Whether they taught in classrooms or worked in an office supporting schools, everyone receiving recognition for their service to Victorian education has helped deliver a world class education to generations of Victorians.

Reviewed 20 May 2023

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