Victorians Most Generous for Organ Donation

10 February 2015

Victorians are the most generous in the country for donating their organs after death.

Setting a national record, 117 generous Victorian donors and their families donated 369 organs last year.

These donations helped 352 Australians to receive a life changing organ transplant last year, an increase of 23 per cent on 2013.

However, organ donation decreased nationally in 2014, down to 378 from 391 the previous year. In total, there were 1117 transplant recipients across the country.

With over 1600 Australians on organ transplant waiting lists at any one time, the Andrews Labor Government urges Victorians to register as a donor and ensure their family knows their wishes.

In Australia, family members will always be asked to confirm a person’s wish to donate before proceeding.

When families know each other’s organ donation wishes, 80 per cent of organ donations proceed. However, when families don’t know, only 60 per cent of families agree to donate a loved one’s organs.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Health, Jill Hennessy

“More than just numbers, thousands of Australians are alive today because of the selfless decisions of donors and their families.”

“Victorians are leading the country when it comes to generously donating their organs.”

“Organ donation is the most precious gift. It is so important that donors not just register but that they also convey their wishes to their families.”

“On behalf of all Victorians, I thank each and every one of these families for generously donating their organs to save another.”

Key Facts

  • Of the 369 organs transplanted in Victoria in 2014, there were 202 kidneys, 64 livers, 53 lungs, 31 hearts, 13 pancreases, 1 heart-lung and 5 pancreas islets.
  • For information on organ and tissue donation, visit Link .

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