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Victorian Students Get New-Look Naplan Results

17 July 2023

Victorian students – alongside their peers across Australia – will begin receiving their NAPLAN results from today, with a new national approach to grading students to give teachers, school support staff and families the information they need to help students achieve their best.

Acting Minister for Education Ingrid Stitt today congratulated students in Year 3, 5, 7 and 9 on the years of hard work their NAPLAN results show – and their teachers on their calm, supportive preparation for the NAPLAN tests and year-round dedication to their students.

The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) has this year introduced a simple, clear four-band format for NAPLAN results that will be applied to all Australian students’ reports, making it easier for parents and schools to understand and tailor their approach to learning.

Each child’s NAPLAN report will show how they are tracking, and where they sit against the national average, using four easy-to-understand levels: Exceeding, Strong, Developing and Needs Additional Support.

Where previously NAPLAN results showed teachers and families where their students performed relative to their peers, the new bands provide a clear picture of overall student performance and achievement.

Schools will use these results along with other school-based assessment data and teachers’ knowledge of students to provide work that stretches and supports students – including access to High Ability programs and additional support for students who need it through programs such as the Tutor Learning Initiative.

Victorian students have continued to record outstanding results in successive years of NAPLAN tests, topping the nation in the majority of measures and improving on their performance each year.

Our students improved in seven out of 20 measures from 2021 to 2022 and ranked first or second in the country in 12 of those measures – thanks to the hard work of students, their teachers and families, and the Labor Government’s investments in making Victoria the Education State.

This year, NAPLAN tests were held in March instead of May – a change instigated by Victoria – to enable students to get the appropriate level of support or an extra push through high ability programs earlier in the year.

Since 2014, the Labor Government has invested almost $16 billion in school education programs – making sure every student gets the education they need to succeed in life, no matter their background or where they live.

ACARA will release statewide and national NAPLAN results in August.

Quotes attributable to Acting Minister for Education Ingrid Stitt

“Congratulations to all Victorian students receiving their results today – and to your teachers and families who support you every day in your education.”

“ACARA’s changes to NAPLAN results will make it easier for parents to understand how their child is getting on in their education and for schools to tailor their approach to each student earlier in the year.”

“We’ve invested heavily in schools to make sure students who need additional support will get it – and those investments are paying dividends, with Victorian students topping the nation year after year in their NAPLAN tests.”

Reviewed 17 July 2023

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