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VCAA Guidelines

27 May 2016

Decisions regarding what is included in the approved booklist and playlist are made by the VCAA and not myself as Minister or by the Government, as is appropriate.

No books or plays have been banned or removed.

The VCAA selection panel applies a set of guidelines approved by the VCAA Board in order to select plays for the playlist.

The VCAA has always had a reference to community standards in the guidelines for selection of VCE texts for these subjects.

This guideline states that materials "be appropriate for the age and development of students, reflect community standards and expectations and meet school-sector guidelines."

In my opinion and that of the VCAA, this particular guideline was not clear regarding community standards and expectations. At my request, the VCAA will review this existing guideline so it continues to ensure that views and sensitivities of cultural and religious groups are considered.

Books and plays now and in the future, may present controversial subject matter that will require reasoned and sensitive exploration of the issues by our teachers and students.

This is not something that we will change.

Reviewed 19 August 2020

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