Two Deputy Chief Magistrates Appointed

30 June 2022

The Victorian Government has today announced the appointment of two Deputy Chief Magistrates to the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria.

Attorney-General Jaclyn Symes congratulated Deputy Chief Magistrate Susan Wakeling on her reappointment and Magistrate Timothy Bourke on his appointment.

Deputy Chief Magistrate Wakeling joined the court in 2000 and was first appointed deputy in 2020. She has had a long and distinguished career, having served as Regional Coordinating Magistrate at Melbourne and Heidelberg Magistrates’ Courts, and overseeing Heidelberg’s Family Violence Division for seven years.

Deputy Chief Magistrate Wakeling also served as Supervising Magistrate of the Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal (VOCAT), where she oversaw the establishment of the Koori VOCAT List, managing applications made by Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander victims of crime.

Magistrate Bourke has served on the bench since 2014. He was previously a barrister from 2004. He specialised in litigation, insolvency trust and probate matters and also practised as a solicitor at Wilmoth Field Warne Lawyers.

Magistrate Bourke began his legal career in 1986 as a clerk, then a registrar, before becoming the first State Co‐ordinating Registrar of the Magistrates’ Court. He acted in other registry roles across all court jurisidictions, and was a Deputy Registrar of the County Court and Deputy Prothonotary of the Supreme Court.

The appointments of Deputy Chief Magistrate Wakeling and Deputy Chief Magistrate Bourke will begin on 1 July. Deputy Chief Magistrate Bourke replaces Deputy Chief Magistrate Felicity Broughton, who is due to finish up as Deputy Chief Magistrate in October but will continue to serve as a Magistrate.

Quotes attributable to Attorney-General Jaclyn Symes

I congratulate Deputy Chief Magistrate Bourke on his appointment and look forward to his continued contribution to the Victorian legal system in this exciting new role.”

“I also congratulate Deputy Chief Magistrate Wakeling, who has been a devoted member of the court for more than two decades – her continued contribution to the justice system is invaluable.

“I also want to thank retiring Deputy Chief Magistrate Broughton on her profound tenure on the court – in particular her work in the family violence space – and look forward to her continued contribution.”

Reviewed 30 June 2022

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