Turnbull Government Confirms It’s Ripping Off Victorians

22 May 2017

The Turnbull Government this morning confirmed that it is ripping off Victorians when it comes to funding vital infrastructure.

Giving testimony at Senate Budget Estimates hearings this morning, the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development confirmed that the recent federal budget does not include a single extra dollar for Victorian infrastructure.

This is despite the claim by Treasurer Scott Morrison that he had made $1 billion available for regional rail and infrastructure projects in Victoria.

The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development has this morning confirmed that it does not represent new funding in terms of the Budget Forward Estimates.

This admission – while not a surprise to Victorians who see through the spin of Turnbull and Morrison – highlights the Turnbull Government’s continuing short-changing of Victorians.

What the Federal Budget did reveal is that while NSW receives 46% of national infrastructure funding, including a shiny new airport paid for by the Turnbull Government, Victorians receive only 8%.

It’s time the Sydney-centric Malcolm Turnbull stopped dudding Victorians.

Victoria has one of the strongest infrastructure pipelines in the country, with the Andrews Labor Government set to spend an annual average of $9.6 billion on infrastructure over the next four years, close to what the Turnbull Government is spending right across the country.

Quotes attributable to Treasurer Tim Pallas

“We said on the night of the federal budget that there was nothing new in this for Victorian infrastructure, and today the federal government has confirmed it.”

“The Turnbull Government is all smoke and mirrors as it short-changes Victorians and pumps billions into new infrastructure in the Prime Minister and Treasurer’s state of New South Wales.”

Quotes attributable to Minister for Public Transport Jacinta Allan

“This is just further proof that Malcolm Turnbull is more interested in taking selfies on public transport than funding it.”

“We won't just sit back and accept crumbs off the table of a Prime Minister and Treasurer who govern only for Sydney. We'll keep fighting every day for Victoria's fair share - that's what Victorians expect.”

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