On Tuesday, the Victorian Government will make a formal state apology to people convicted under unjust laws against homosexual acts.

09 February 2020

One of those people is Terry.

"The police locked me up in Richmond and got two confessions out of me. I was 18.

The years went by, and I got over it, but it always came back to haunt me.

When I wanted to go overseas, when I applied for a liquor licence, when I wanted to start my own business, there was that dreaded question:

"Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence?"

It took me years of part time study to become a chartered accountant, and when I was almost finished, I got that question again.

"Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence?"

I lied, of course. I wasn't going to let all those years of study go to waste.

The phone rang a few years later.

"It's a call for you – it's personal."

It was an inspector from the St Kilda Police Station. He'd found me out.

With that question always lurking over our heads, we always had to ask ourselves – just how far can I go today?"

Reviewed 26 June 2020

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