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Survey Puts Spotlight On Local Councils

23 June 2016

Minister for Local Government Natalie Hutchins today released the 2016 Community Satisfaction Survey (CSS) for Victorian councils.

The survey showed that libraries, arts centres, appearance of public areas and waste management were the best-rated council services. It also found that emergency management, waste, community decisions and unsealed roads were the most important services and issues for ratepayers.

The survey also showed a slight decline in overall satisfaction.

The results paint a clear picture about what is most important to ratepayers and provides further evidence of the need for the Andrews Labor Government’s local government reform agenda.

Residents were largely positive on their future outlook, with 68 per cent believing their council was on the right track. This compares with just 18 per cent who believe their council’s direction has deteriorated.

More than 28,000 Victorians were interviewed about the performance of their councils as part of the survey, which is completed on behalf of the 69 councils participating this year.

Several council chief executive officers have spoken about the benefits the Community Satisfaction Survey brings to their council, including the insight into community views and expectations.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Local Government Natalie Hutchins

“The Community Satisfaction Survey is an important tool that helps councils align their work with areas for improvement and the views of their communities.”

“In conjunction with the data on Know Your Council, this survey provides a good basis for ratepayers to assess their council.”

Quotes attributable to City of Port Phillip CEO Tracey Slatter

“Each year, council's results vary and we closely examine the findings to interpret the results. Sometimes we perform as we expected, occasionally we are surprised – but we always reflect on the results to identify where we might need to make adjustments to better meet the community's needs.”

Quotes attributable to West Wimmera Shire CEO David Leahy

“The survey results have prompted a more pro-active approach to informing the community of the various actions that it takes on their behalf.”

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