Students Suffer As Turnbull Gives Big Business A Tax Cut

08 May 2018

Malcolm Turnbull is handing big business an $80 billion tax cut at the same time as short-changing Victorian schools and students.

The Federal Budget confirms that the Turnbull Government has not funded the final year of the original Gonski agreement, which leaves Victorian schools more than $700 million worse off.

The Commonwealth does, however, find $6 million to spend on advertising that arrogantly promotes their cuts, despite the fact they have not finalised any funding agreement with the states and territories.

Despite saying they are prepared to support all of David Gonski’s most recent recommendations, the Turnbull Government are refusing to put their money where their mouth is.

In stark contrast, the Andrews Labor Government provided a funding boost that exceeded the funding required for the final year of the original Gonski agreement last week in the Victorian Budget 2018/19.

The Federal Budget also gives no indication that the Turnbull Government will fund the final five per cent of the schooling resource standard for government schools.

In a demonstration of our commitment to negotiating and reaching a new agreement, the Labor Government is prepared to lift Victoria's contribution to the schooling resource standard to 75 per cent over ten years.

Despite this disappointing Federal Budget outcome, we will continue to argue that Malcolm Turnbull come to the table and close this funding gap in the upcoming negotiations for a new national funding agreement.

The Federal Liberal’s proposal to support non-government schools to 100 per cent of the SRS but government schools to only 95 per cent is completely unfair.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Education James Merlino

“Malcolm Turnbull is delivering tax cuts to look after the big end of town, while short-changing Victorian kids.”

“This Budget hurts students and deprives them of the opportunities they deserve.”

“Victoria continues to do the heavy lifting when it comes to funding education – the Commonwealth should start doing the same.”

Reviewed 19 August 2020

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