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Streamlining Teacher Recruitment For Victorian Schools

31 August 2023

The Andrews Labor Government is attracting more teachers to work in Victorian government schools with a new recruitment process – making it easier to connect talented teachers with the right job.

Minister for Education Natalie Hutchins today launched the Teacher Recruitment Initiative, which will streamline recruitment processes and reduce the time it takes for local schools to match and fill teaching vacancies.

The initiative makes it simpler for schools to connect with teachers through an easy-to-use centralised recruitment platform that matches applicant preferences and availability with teacher vacancies.

Under the new platform, teachers can create an online profile in the Job Opportunities Pool outlining employment preferences such as their desired location and then be considered simultaneously for vacancies, reducing the need to manage multiple applications.

The Job Opportunities Pool matches applicants' skills and work preferences, providing a ready-made list of potential hires for school recruiters.

Selected graduates are also eligible to receive one of 400 financial incentive packages of $5,650 to start their employment at a government school.

Through the Victorian Budget 2023/24, the Labor Government has invested $12 million to get returning teachers back to the classroom through the Teacher Re-Engagement Initiative, giving paid placements of up to 40 days in schools alongside mentoring supports to help build teachers’ readiness to return to the workforce.

In addition, the Labor Government is running a $4 million targeted recruitment campaign to attract and retain high-quality teachers in government schools.

We are providing record investment to support teacher recruitment – delivering a range of initiatives that have grown our workforce by 5,000 extra teachers between 2020 and 2022.

The Victorian Budget 2023/24 includes a further $32.2 million to support pre-service teachers undertaking placements in rural and regional schools and $9.5 million to enhance flexible and job-sharing working arrangements for school leaders.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Education Natalie Hutchins

“The Teacher Recruitment Initiative is making it easier than ever for schools to connect with the teachers that will help continue to make us the Education state.”

"The number of teachers in Victoria has grown at twice the national average and that’s no accident – we’re delivering a range of initiatives that have grown our workforce by 5,000 extra teachers between 2020 and 2022.”

"Victoria is home to some of the most talented teachers and school leaders in the nation and we’re backing them with the resources they need to do what they do best – support our kids to get a world class education."

Reviewed 31 August 2023

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