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Statement On Murray Darling Basin Senate Vote

14 February 2018

Today the Senate has decided to put the delivery of the Basin Plan at risk.

The decision to disallow the Northern Basin Review - a review approved by all states and allowed for in the Plan - is a slap in the face to communities and a slap in the face to the environment.

Victoria has been implementing the plan as required by the agreement since 2012 - and we are committed to the Plan and the outcomes for the environment.

This decision is an attempt to reprosecute a plan we all signed up to - including South Australia.

From the beginning the Plan has always involved a review of the Northern Basin and included provisions for the SDL adjustment mechanism. This decision derails that plan.

Without some of the measures contained in the Northern Basin Review it is impossible to actually deliver environmental water to South Australia.

We want the Commonwealth to investigate all options to overturn this decision.

If that is not possible the Plan cannot be delivered.

We have always put the interests of the Victorian community and the environment first.

Unfortunately, the Senate has decided that the politics of this issue is more important.

Reviewed 19 August 2020

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