Statement On Melbourne Market

28 July 2015

The Victorian Government has been advised by the Melbourne Market Authority (MMA) that to ensure the overall success of the transition of the Melbourne Market from its current site at West Melbourne to its new home at Epping that the market opening date should be delayed until August 31.

While the new market site has the necessary infrastructure and OH&S standards in place for an August 3 opening, a small number of market tenants have been unable to complete their store fit-outs in time for Monday’s scheduled opening.

We are advised there are approximately 20 per cent of tenants in this situation.

After consultation with the 80 per cent of tenants ready to move we have been assured that a delay to the opening date will not adversely impact them, and that they are happy to work to an August 31 opening date.

We believe that this extension in time will allow those tenants who have yet to complete their fit-outs the opportunity to do so. It is in the interests of all Melbourne Market participants that the move to the new site is a smooth transition and that there is as little disruption to trade as possible.

This is not a decision we have taken lightly. There has been extensive consultation with the market community over many years to address a range of issues about the move, and since coming to Government representatives from our offices have been working closely with the Melbourne Market Authority to address individual concerns ahead of the move.

The Melbourne Market Authority will continue to work with tenants to ensure these concerns are addressed over the coming weeks and throughout the transition to the new Epping site.

Reviewed 19 August 2020

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