Six-Point Plan To Improve Mine And Quarry Regulation

20 December 2017

The Andrews Labor Government is acting to ensure Victoria’s quarries and mines can provide local materials for its record investment in infrastructure and Victorian homes.

With the record investment into new rail, road, and building projects, including schools and hospitals, it is crucial the earth resources sector can deliver the construction materials needed, while supporting local jobs and liveability in local communities.

A new six-point plan to underpin growth will improve the approvals and regulatory arrangements for this important sector.

It is the result of an intensive four-month examination of performance of the mining and extractives regulator, the Earth Resources Regulator (ERR).

The review was conducted by the Commissioner for Better Regulation, Anna Cronin, at the request of the Treasurer.

The main elements of the plan are to:

  • simplify assessment processes for proposed mines and quarries, while strengthening the regulatory focus on the most complex risks
  • provide clearer information to industry and the community about regulatory processes and decisions
  • improve coordination across the regulatory system, including better engagement between ERR and other regulatory authorities
  • deliver modern approval and internal processes to enable timely and consistent decision making, and support industry compliance
  • ensure laws and regulations governing the earth resources sector are fit for purpose, based on modern technologies and best practice regulatory and governance frameworks
  • identify and protect strategic extractive resource areas to ensure long-term availability and access to earth resources

The Minister welcomes the Commissioner’s recommendations to improve community confidence in the regulation of mines and quarries, and to enable clearer regulatory decision making.

Quotes attributable to the Minister for Resources Tim Pallas

“We welcome Ms Cronin’s recommendations to revamp the way the mining and quarrying sectors are regulated to benefit both businesses and communities.”

“Improving the regulation of the earth resources sector will ensure the Victorian industry operates at its best, providing materials for our record infrastructure investment while protecting communities’ interests.”

Reviewed 19 August 2020

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