Rego Halved For Victorian Apprentices In Border Communities

01 March 2023

Victorian apprentices who travel across the border for work will benefit from the expansion of the Andrews Labor Government’s Trade Apprentice Registration Discount scheme.

Minister for Roads and Road Safety Melissa Horne today announced the scheme has been expanded to give apprentices who live in Victoria but are working in New South Wales and South Australia the same savings as those who live and work in Victoria only.

Under the scheme, eligible Victorian apprentices can apply for a 50 per cent discount on their vehicle’s registration fee and Transport Accident Charge, saving them hundreds of dollars.

Apprentice bricklayers, carpenters, electricians, joiners, bakers and plumbers are among the professionals who are eligible for the Trade Apprentice Registration Discount.

The scheme’s expansion will put more money back in Victorian apprentices’ pockets and means apprentices travelling across the border for work can access the same discounts regardless of whether they choose to work and study in Victoria or interstate.

Around 400 Victorians currently completing their apprenticeships in New South Wales or South Australia will benefit from the scheme.

The Trade Apprentice Registration Discount was introduced in 2016 to reduce costs for apprentices using their own vehicle for work purposes.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Roads and Road Safety Melissa Horne

“We’re putting more money back in the pockets of Victorian apprentices so they can get the skills they need for their future careers.”

Bricklayers, carpenters, joiners, electricians and plumbers rely on our roads to get to and from each job – with many travelling across the border for work.”

“That’s why we’re giving our apprentices the support they need, with the expansion of this scheme to ensure those who travel to New South Wales and South Australia for work have access to the same discounts.”

Reviewed 28 February 2023

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