Reducing Red Tape for RSLs

18 March 2015

The Andrews Labor Government will release RSL Sub-Branches from a legal restriction which has hampered them for years.

The Minister for Consumer Affairs, Jane Garrett, has introduced a bill to modernise outdated laws that prevent merged RSL Sub-Branches from combining their assets.

It has been possible for RSL Sub-Branches to merge, but laws dating back to the First World War prevent them from combining their accumulated patriotic funds – the assets they have built up over the years which includes property and cash.

Ms Garrett said that cutting this red tape will enable merged RSL Sub-Branches to smoothly combine their assets.

This significant legislative change means that merged RSL Sub-Branches will be able to save costs by not being required to maintain two separate sets of accounts.

The RSL and the Victorian Veterans Council are supportive of the changes being introduced.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Consumer Affairs, Jane Garrett

"As we commemorate the Centenary of the Gallipoli landings, it's time to lift this burden of bureaucracy on RSL Sub-Branches."

"Enabling RSL Sub-Branch patriotic funds to merge will make it easier for them to support our veterans and their families."

"We will protect assets built up over many years through a series of oversight measures."

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