Purring Along With Online Cat Course

01 August 2016

The Andrews Labor Government’s plan to boost responsible pet ownership and good animal welfare took another step forward today with the launch of the Responsible Cat Ownership Course.

The Responsible Cat Ownership Course is a comprehensive guide for all Victorian cat owners, with information about the legal responsibilities of owning a cat and advice on keeping cats happy and healthy.

Minister for Agriculture Jaala Pulford launched the course today at an animal welfare shelter in Glen Iris with Member for Bentleigh Nick Staikos.

The course complements the Responsible Dog Ownership course, already available online.

Victoria today has about half a million unowned stray and feral cats in pounds and shelters. Responsible pet owners will play a vital role in reducing this number and encouraging best animal welfare practice.

Keeping your cat confined to your property reduces its chances of getting lost or injured, and making sure your cat is registered and microchipped makes it more likely to be returned if it does stray.

Understanding your cat’s problem behaviours and learning ways to alter them will make it easier for you and your cat to live happily together. It will also help ensure Victoria can gradually reduce the huge existing number of unowned cats.

The Labor Government is proud to lead the way in not only stamping out cruel and barbaric puppy farms, but by investing in animal welfare across the state.

Cat owners can download the course at Link – once you have read the manual you can complete a short online test and get a certificate.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Agriculture Jaala Pulford

“Half a million unowned cats is a problem we can avoid and that’s why we all need to take greater responsibility in reducing this massive number through considered actions and better understanding our pets.”

“If you are about to get a cat, or if you want to do better by the cat you already have, take the Cat Ownership course and be a responsible pet owner.”

Quotes attributable to Member for Bentleigh Nick Staikos

“Melbourne is already the most pet-friendly city in Australia; the launch of the Responsible Cat Ownership course can only improve our credentials.”

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