Plan Melbourne Revised To Put The Community First

21 October 2015

Minister for Planning Richard Wynne has launched the rebooted Plan Melbourne, today releasing a discussion paper for consultation as part of delivering a smart plan to support Melbourne’s future growth.

The Andrews Labor Government has revised Plan Melbourne to address issues that affect the community, such as housing affordability and climate change – which were both left out by the previous Liberal Government.

Mr Wynne said the Liberal’s draft plan attracted 450 submissions and input from more than 10,000 Victorians during consultation, but the final radically departed from the draft and failed to provide long-term vision.

The updated plan will reflect the Labor Government’s commitment to remove to level crossings and build the Melbourne Metro Rail project, while the failed East West Link has been deleted.

Mr Wynne said he wants to bring expert and community input back into the plan, to create a document which provides clear guidance and ensures governments stick to smart growth and liveable communities in Melbourne.

Plan Melbourne will provide a long-term vision to ensure affordable housing for Victorians to live close to their job, while also planning for a changing climate, more infrastructure and public transport investment, and maintaining Melbourne as the world’s most liveable city.

The rebooted Plan Melbourne discussion paper and a full report is now available online, with opportunities for the community to be involved through a series of council, industry and online forums. Information is available at

Quotes attributable to Planning Minister Richard Wynne

“By 2051, Melbourne’s population will be approaching eight million people. We need a smart plan for growth to ensure we create jobs and keep Melbourne as the world’s most liveable city.”

“Planning is about people, and the community was largely ignored in the Liberal’s version of Plan Melbourne. This refresh will get the balance right to ensure Melbourne’s long term livability.”

“Our reboot puts affordable housing and climate change into the plan, only the Labor Governments is prepared to tackle both responsibilities.”

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