Petrol Prices Clear For All

30 November 2016

Victorian motorists will benefit at the petrol pump thanks to new rules for petrol price advertising by service stations, which come into effect today.

Under the new regulations, all Victorian service stations can only advertise the full price of petrol to motorists on price boards.

These changes help motorists trying to compare prices to get the best deal, and guarantee that no one pays more for fuel than the price displayed on the board.

The new regulations also ensure the price advertised on the fuel-price board is the same as what is on the pump, with service station operators required to update their boards at the same time or before the price on the pump increases.

Service station operators who are still advertising discounted prices on their fuel-price boards, or do not change their fuel-price boards to reflect the price on the bowser, will face penalties of more than $3,000.

Under the new regulations operators will still be able to advertise discount offers, such as discounts for specific shopper dockets, as long as the full price of fuel is displayed on their price boards.

Anyone concerned that a service-station fuel-price board is still advertising discounted fuel-prices should contact Consumer Affairs Victoria on 1300 55 81 81.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Consumer Affairs Marlene Kairouz

“We're putting people first at the bowser, so motorists can have the confidence that the price on board is the most they will pay.”

“We’re making sure motorists aren’t being lured in to petrol stations by ‘cheap’ prices which are conditional on a shopper docket.”

“The new regulations mean that nobody will pay more for fuel than the price displayed on the board.”

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