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Partnering With Universities To Prevent Gendered Violence

21 September 2021

All Victorian universities will be equipped with the tools they need to prevent and stamp out gendered violence with the expansion of an innovative Our Watch program backed by the Victorian Government.

The Victorian Government has provided an extra $250,000 to Our Watch, on top of $550,000 already invested, to support the further rollout of Educating for Equality – a world-leading model to help universities keep students safe from gendered violence and stamp out damaging behavior before it starts.

Educating for Equality was developed through a partnership between the Victorian Government, Universities Australia and Our Watch.

It’s a whole-of-university model for primary prevention – involving a comprehensive set of resources and tools, including an implementation guide, key messages and training packages designed to challenge the behaviours, culture, norms and structures that drive gender-based violence.

This new investment will expand the program’s reach into all Victorian universities and is in addition to the Government’s $3 million investment in Our Watch to continue its vital work as a national leader in the prevention of violence against women and their children.

Through respect and equality programs in workplaces and schools, the Government and Our Watch are connecting with communities where they live, work and play, to understand family violence and stop it before it starts.

The Government is also proudly leading the nation toward achieving gender equality through the ground-breaking Gender Equality Act which came into effect in March 2021. The Act focuses on building a gender-equal future in the public sector workforce – across more than 300 organisations, including councils and universities.

Educating for Equality frameworks and supporting resources can be found at

Quotes attributable to Minister for Women and Prevention of Family Violence Gabrielle Williams

“Challenging the behaviors and attitudes that drive violence against women means more inclusive, equal and respectful universities for students and staff – but also a safer Victoria for all women.”

“The expansion of Educating for Equality means all Victorian universities are being equipped with tools and resources to stop gendered violence.”

Quote attributable to Minister for Higher Education Gayle Tierney

“This initiative sends a loud, clear message that gendered violence has no place in our universities – and it will have a ripple effect throughout the Victorian community.”

Quotes attributable to Our Watch CEO Patty Kinnersly

“International and national research tells us that gender inequality is a core driver of gendered violence.”

“It is vital that universities provide safe working and learning environments where gender stereotypes are challenged, gender-based discrimination is unacceptable, and gender equality is actively modelled and promoted.”

Reviewed 21 September 2021

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