Parks Victoria Credit Card Use

08 January 2017

An external auditor will undertake an independent review of Parks Victoria's credit card transactions over the last four years.

Due to the large number of credit card transactions and credit cards available to Parks Victoria staff, I’ve sought the independent audit to ensure proper governance processes are in place and that taxpayers money is being used appropriately.

The independent review will assess the strength of credit card oversight systems at Parks Victoria to ensure best practice standards are met, while making recommendations on any areas for improvement.

As an immediate step, I’ve asked Parks Victoria to put in place a process to reduce the number of credit cards currently in use and for that to be provided to me by Friday 13 January 2017.

I've also asked Parks Victoria to investigate ways to better procure essential goods and services which are purchased regularly or in significant quantities.

It's vital that Victorians have full confidence that statutory authorities are complying with best practice standards, are working in an efficient and responsible manner, and are always using taxpayer money appropriately.

The Andrews Labor Government will take all necessary steps to ensure that these expectations are being met.

Reviewed 19 August 2020

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