New Waste Plan For Cleaner Communities And A Better Way Of Life

12 June 2015

Parliamentary Secretary for Environment, Anthony Carbines, today announced a new statewide waste and resource recovery system that will provide a better future for communities and the environment.

The Statewide Waste and Resource Recovery Infrastructure Plan will provide for waste and resource recovery over a longer term (30 years) in the same way we plan for water, energy, roads and freight.

Following the release of the SWRRIP, seven Regional Waste and Resource Recovery Implementation Plans (RWRRIPs) will be developed to capture the needs and priorities of each region of Victoria.

Detailed community consultation will be undertaken throughout the development of the seven regional plans and the implementation of the SWRRIP.

Any changes made to planning zones (including protection of Green Wedge land) will be reflected in the development of the RWRRIPs and integration with the SWRRIP.

The Andrews Labor Government has increased the level of community engagement in the implementation plans and there will be a variety of ways in which the community can contribute to their development.

More information regarding community consultation and the full SWRRIP is available at Link

Quotes attributable to Parliamentary Secretary for Environment, Anthony Carbines

“This long-term waste plan will help us ensure cleaner communities and a better quality of life now and into the future.”

“We’re making sure we have a well-planned system in place to manage our waste. It will allow us to create more jobs and keep our economy growing.”

“The plan was developed following extensive community consultation, and we will continue to have those conversations at the local level throughout the development of the regional implementation plans.”

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