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New Police Boat Makes A Splash In The Fight Against Crime

03 May 2018

Victoria Police has a sleek new state-of-the-art patrol vessel to keep Victorians safe on the water.

Minister for Police Lisa Neville today joined Acting Inspector Mark O'Rourke in Williamstown to christen the new $3.5 million catamaran, which replaces the ageing VP01 vessel.

The 16.5-metre-long boat can reach speeds of up to 37 knots and will be used for general patrols, which focus on vessel safety inspections, through to offshore rescues in Bass Strait.

Its range, speed, shallow draft and capability in poor conditions make it the most versatile boat in Victoria Police’s fleet.

Victoria Police is delivering a $7 million upgrade to replace eleven ageing vessels with a new and more modern fleet. Victoria Police has replaced three boats so far, with a further eight to hit the water in the next year.

The water police patrol Port Phillip and Western Port bays and other waterways across the state including coastal, enclosed and inland waters.

The 35-strong fleet includes large vessels, inflatable rescue boats and jet skis to allow police to work in all state waterways, as well as conduct long off-shore rescue missions.

They receive more than 800 calls for help every year, and check almost 8,500 vessels, jet skis and kayaks for safety compliance every year to support safety on the coast and waterways.

The Labor Government is delivering the biggest boost to police resources in the history of the force, with 3135 new police, a new air wing, a massive police station construction and upgrade program, new specialist vehicles and technology.

This means Victorians can look forward to 825 new police hitting the beat over the next 12 months as the Police Academy continues to deliver record numbers of recruits.

This is on top of the more than 1,100 police, 400 police custody officers and nearly 250 additional PSOs deployed and working in Victorian communities since the start of this term of government.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Police Lisa Neville

“Victoria’s water police play a critical role in keeping people safe on our oceans, rivers and waterways, and they deserve to have the best equipment to help them carry out their role.”

“This new catamaran will help police enforce water safety regulations, respond to distress calls and investigate crime on the water.”

“Whether it’s on land, sea or in the air, we’ll ensure Victoria Police has the best technology to investigate and prosecute crime, and keep Victorians safe – wherever they are.”

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