More funding for mental health to save lives

02 May 2017

The Andrews Labor Government will boost mental health support and invest in forensic mental health services to keep Victorians healthy and safe.

The Victorian Budget 2017/18 includes a $325.7 million record investment in mental health services to further implement the Labor Government’s 10-year Mental Health Plan to save and improve lives.

An extra $201.1 million will assist in managing critical demand in the mental health system, making sure more beds are available and that people with a mental illness get the treatment they need.

To address increased demand during weekends, the Labor Government will invest $9.1 million to employ more allied health staff to give Victorians the support they need, regardless of the day or time.

The Labor Government will also invest $8.4 million to make sure Aboriginal Victorians in need receive appropriate mental health support. This includes 15 traineeship positions for Aboriginal Victorians in mental health services, to enhance culturally appropriate care.

A further $10 million will go to Facilities Renewal Grants to assist existing mental health and alcohol and drug services to improve their facilities for patients, carers, visitors and staff.

The Ballarat community will also benefit from $8.3 million to build a Prevention and Recovery Centre, giving local patients the same treatment options as those in Melbourne.

To help address the root causes of crime and keep Victorians safe, $85.2 million will help identify clients who are at risk of entering the criminal justice system, expand the capacity of Thomas Embling Hospital and provide specialist forensic mental health support for young people.

The Labor Government is also expanding the Mental Health Tribunal through a $3.5 million investment, which will ensure greater oversight of forensic patients re-entering the community.

Quotes attributed to Minister for Mental Health Martin Foley

“We’re funding more beds and more staff, so Victorians have access to the treatment and support they need.”

“This isn’t just dollars and cents, this will save lives.”

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