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Matthew Guy’s Top 5 Lies On Lobster Scandal

09 August 2017
  1. He said no donations were received. He lied.

“There have been no donations from any of these people, certainly in my time as Leader, in fact in my time as Planning Minister I understand as well.” (Matthew Guy, Tuesday 8 August).

Fairfax reveals Frank Lamattina attended a $2,000-a-head fundraiser for the Liberal Member for Hastings. (Thursday 10 August).

  1. He said he didn’t know alleged organised crime figure Tony Madafferi would be there.

“Tell me how would I know that? I’m sure every politician has dined with people who they didn’t know was going to be there.” (Matthew Guy, Tuesday 8 August).

“I had to forward the names to [Matthew Guy’s private secretary], I had to do it all through [her], it was all kept fairly hush hush. Everyone I gave to [Mr Guy’s office]: Antonio Madafferi, that’s his full name; Frank Lamattina.” (Barrie Macmillan, recordings of phone conversations, published Tuesday 8 August).

  1. He said it was a big group. He lied.

His office [Matthew Guy] also insisted yesterday that 20 people had attended, which today he amended to say over “a dozen, maybe more’. (ABC/Fairfax quoting Matthew Guy, Tuesday 8 August).

Mr Macmillan repeatedly states on transcript of the recording that a total of seven people were invited. (ABC/Fairfax, Tuesday 8 August).

  1. He said it wasn’t a secret. He lied.

“I came in through the front door….there’s nothing secret about it. Everyone knows about it because it was pretty public.” (Matthew Guy, Tuesday 8 August).

“I don’t want to put anything in writing here, so let’s just talk on the phone. [The Lobster Cave] gave us a very, very private table. No one really saw Matthew with any of these people. I was very conscious… I walked out with Matt when his driver came so the other people didn’t walk out with him… you know, I’m not stupid.” (Barrie Macmillan, recordings of phone conversations published Tuesday 8 August).

  1. He said he didn’t drink red wine. He lied.

“I very rarely, if ever drink red wine. “ (Matthew Guy, Tuesday 8 August).

“I may have had a sip [of grange]” (Matthew Guy, Wednesday 9 August).

Quotes attributable to Deputy Premier James Merlino

This scandal is getting murkier and murkier. Every day is a new revelation, every day a new lie is being exposed.”

“Matthew Guy needs to start telling the truth. What really happened at the lobster dinner? What promises were made, what donations were received?”

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