Local Solar Power Station A Breakthrough For Renewables

27 March 2015

Minister for Energy and Resources, Lily D’Ambrosio, today joined Minister for Small Business, Innovation and Trade, Adem Somyurek, to open a world-leading solar power station in central Victoria that could see exports of cutting-edge solar components skyrocket.

The RayGen Resources solar power station in Newbridge uses technology originally developed to power spacecraft. Computer-controlled mirrors track the sun to concentrate light on cells that generate electricity at very high efficiencies.

The 200 kilowatt plant is a breakthrough for the Melbourne-based company ahead of the global deployment of utility-scale power stations, starting with a 10 megawatt facility in China by August 2016.

RayGen also today signed an extension of an existing contract with a Chinese company, ZhouZhou Intense Solar Ltd, taking total potential exports to more than $200 million.

Key decision makers from current and prospective commercial partners from China attended the opening, as did Chinese Government officials, senior representatives from China Three Gorges New Energy Corporation and the Agricultural Bank of China.

The Victorian Government supported the first stage of the project with a $1 million funding grant which allowed RayGen to progress to build this 200 kilowatt plant as the second stage of the project.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Energy, Lily D’Ambrosio

“Victoria is leading the way on renewable energy, with companies such as RayGen developing energy technologies that provide cost-competitive clean energy on demand, with zero emissions.”

“Innovations such as these create jobs, drives growth and helps us maintain our lifestyle while protecting the environment.”

Quotes attributable to Minister for Small Business, Trade and Innovation, Adem Somyurek

“RayGen’s world-leading solar technology will not only help power Victoria, it will contribute significantly to our export of renewable power overseas.”

“By 2030 global demand for power generation will be at an estimated $10 trillion, with two thirds of that in emerging markets.”

“The Andrews Labor Government will support businesses such as RayGen as they take advantage of the opportunities in emerging and rapidly growing markets across the world.”

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