Labor Government Supporting Training For Multicultural Students

17 March 2015

The Andrews Labor Government is supporting students undertaking training who are from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds this week.

Minister for Training and Skills, Steve Herbert, said that in addition to local students from diverse backgrounds, thousands of international students also add to our culture and society while studying in Victoria.

During Cultural Diversity Week, Mr Herbert is highlighting the multicultural diversity of students and the role that Learn Local organisations play in providing training to people from multicultural backgrounds.

Learn Local organisations offer a range of education and training programs, providing both pre-accredited and accredited training on many different topics, including reading, writing English, maths, hospitality, retail, business and construction.

Across the Victorian training system, culturally and linguistically diverse learners accounted for 11 per cent of total accredited and pre-accredited enrolments in 2013, but represented more than a quarter of enrolments at Learn Local organisations. In 2013, 36 per cent of Learn Local students across Victoria were born overseas.

The most popular pre-accredited training courses at Learn Local organisations were literacy and numeracy programs, the general education program and employment skills programs.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Training and Skills, Steve Herbert

“Victoria is the multicultural capital of Australia. We must continue to provide training opportunities for people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.”

“The Andrews Labor Government is supporting multiculturalism. We will help all students – including those from diverse backgrounds – get the qualifications they need for the job they want.”

“Learn Locals can help people return to study and gain a qualification. They are an important pathway and we will support them as we get Victoria back to work.”

Quotes attributable to Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Robin Scott

“Cultural Diversity Week celebrates our rich diversity and promotes a harmonious society.”

“Our thriving multicultural community groups work tirelessly to promote diversity and cohesion.”

“We’re home to one of the most multicultural societies on earth – and Victorians are proud of it.”

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