Labor Government Secures Kingston’s Green Wedge

13 October 2015

Minister for Planning Richard Wynne has rezoned land in Melbourne’s southeast to green wedge, getting on with a promise to protect green spaces and make communities more liveable.

The planning change means almost 366 hectares of land, which is currently used for rubbish tips, recycling and waste management, will be rehabilitated and used for parkland, market gardens, conservation and community facilities.

Mr Wynne said the land, which is outside the urban growth boundary, now had a clear direction which would allow the City of Kingston to follow through with their long-term parks plan.

The rezoning will shift waste industries from green wedge areas to industrial and commercially-zoned locations.

The northern section of Kingston’s Green Wedge has been mined for sand, used for landfill and for waste management. The majority of these landfills will come to the end of their leases in the next five years or so, and will then be rehabilitated.

The City of Kingston, local action group Defenders of the Green Wedge and local members Martin Pakula and Hong Lim have lobbied for the change.

Mr Wynne said the City of Kingston would now be able to implement their long-term plans for the green wedge and realise the chain of parks proposal which was drafted in the 1970s.

Mr Wynne said landfill, waste transfer and recycling facilities are not suitable for green wedge areas, and this zone change will gradually make it a place for families and the community to enjoy.

The planning changes also add environmental overlays to the green wedge area so that future development is properly designed to avoid impact from landfill.

Comments attributable to Minister for Planning, Richard Wynne

“We said before the election that we would protect Melbourne’s green wedges, and that’s exactly what we’re doing.”

“The rezoning will turn this spot into one which families and the community can enjoy, making Kingston a more liveable place to be.”

"The Andrews Labor Government believes in modern, state-of-the-art waste recovery and recycling facilities properly located in industrial areas, away from parklands and homes.”

Comments attributable to Member for Clayton, Hong Lim

“This is a big win for our community. Together we’ve secured the long-term future and protection of the Kingston green wedge.”

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