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Kangaroo Pet Food Trial Extended For Two More Years

07 February 2016

The Andrews Labor Government today announced plans to extend a trial allowing the use of kangaroo meat resulting from authorised wildlife control activities to be processed for pet food.

A trial has been underway since 2014 to test whether waste from the control of kangaroos can be used commercially for pet food.

The trial has received positive support from participating landowners and the pet food industry, helping to reduce waste by processing thousands of kangaroos for pet food and creating new employment opportunities in rural and regional Victoria.

The trial requires that the Wildlife Act is closely adhered to and that the National Code of Practice for kangaroo control is used by shooters so that any kangaroos controlled are treated humanely. There are penalties for not complying with the code or with the Wildlife Act.

The trial is due to finish in March this year but will now be extended for another two years to test its sustainability over a longer period and to expand the geographic area of the trial.

The additional areas will be determined after consultation with relevant local governments and other key stakeholders.

An independent kangaroo advisory group will also be established to provide advice to government on matters relating to kangaroo management.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Water Lisa Neville

“While kangaroos are a critical part of our environment, Victoria has a strong regulatory system to control kangaroos where they are damaging pasture, crops or other property or impacting on biodiversity.”

“This trial has been set up to examine the opportunity to reuse the waste of kangaroos for commercial pet food, thereby reducing waste associated with this control work.”

“The trial has been closely monitored and results to date justify extending it for another two years to test its sustainability over longer period and over a broader area.”

Quotes attributable to Minister for Agriculture Jaala Pulford

"Victoria has a strong regulatory system for the control of kangaroos to protect agricultural assets, public safety and biodiversity and help to manage kangaroo populations."

“The kangaroo pet food trial enables waste, from kangaroos that are humanely controlled, to be converted into pet meat.”

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