It’s Time To Give Victoria Its Fair Share

08 May 2017

The Andrews Labor Government is calling on the Turnbull Government to finally give Victoria its fair share in tomorrow’s federal budget, and with it, end a string of federal budgets that have short-changed Victorians to the tune of billions of dollars.

Victorians continues to be dudded by the Sydney-centric Prime Minister - despite Victoria making up more than 25% of the national population, it only receives about 8 per cent of national infrastructure funding.

Last week’s Victorian Budget 2017/18 revealed that for Victoria to be paid in line with its population, the Turnbull Government would need to provide an additional $6.6 billion over the next four years.

At the very least, the Turnbull Government must give hard working Victorians the money they are owed under the federal government’s own Asset Recycling Initiative. Under this, through the successful lease of the Port of Melbourne, Victorians are owed $1.46 billion.

This money will help fund the Regional Rail Revival – the biggest ever improvement to Victoria’s regional passenger network, boosting regional economies and creating hundreds of jobs.

The Labor Government is also calling on the Turnbull Government to do more when it comes to funding for hospitals and schools.

While we have committed $150 million to build the Victorian Heart Hospital - a centre of excellence for patient care, research and clinical education – we are still waiting on the Turnbull Government to provide its fair share.

On education funding, the new Gonski proposal put forward last week will see Victorians short changed again, to the tune of $630 million. This will have a significant impact on classrooms, teachers, and ultimately, children.

This federal budget also requires a firm commitment by the Prime Minister to the National Affordable Housing Agreement (NAHA). The Agreement is crucial to ensuring Victorians get a roof over their head, and plays a critical role in supporting women and children escaping family violence.

Last week’s Victorian Budget invested a record $1.9 billion to reduce family violence.

Quotes attributable to Treasurer Tim Pallas

“It’s time the Turnbull Government stopped short changing hard working Victorians, whether it’s on infrastructure, schools, or hospitals.”

“Malcolm Turnbull faces a big test tomorrow – will he keep being the Prime Minister of Sydney or will he finally give Victoria its fair share.”

“Whether it’s new roads, the Metro Tunnel, removing level crossings, new schools or new and upgraded hospitals, we’re getting on with the job – it’s time the Prime Minister did the same.”

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