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Historic Mentone Hotel Added To Victorian Heritage Register

22 June 2015

The distinctive 1890 Mentone Hotel on Beach Road has been listed on the Victorian Heritage Register, ensuring any future changes to the building are carefully assessed to protect its character.

The Minister for Planning, Richard Wynne, said the Heritage Council of Victoria had recommended the hotel be added to the state’s list of historically significant places and objects based on its architectural contribution to the Mentone area.

Mr Wynne said the Member for Mordialloc, Tim Richardson, and Member for Sandringham, Murray Thompson, had lobbied for the building’s protection on behalf of their constituents.

The 50 room two-storey sea front hotel was designed by Lowish, Moorhouse and Figgis. The Heritage Council of Victoria’s assessment noted the building’s exuberant and innovative design on the prominent waterfront site.

The large hotel reflected the increased wealth and leisure time of Victorians during the 1880s boom period and the striking Mentone Hotel is a rare survivor from this era.

Demand for accommodation and facilities for visitors in the area rose after the railway line to Mordialloc opened in 1881.

The hotel opened in 1890 and was renamed the Edgewater Beach Hotel in the 1950s, earning its nickname still used today, The Edgy.

The Heritage Council of Victoria assess each candidate for listing on their register based on its importance to the state’s history and development. To be listed, the place or object must be found to meet the council’s criteria for assessment.

Changes to places on the Victorian Heritage Register requires a permit. Heritage protection for Victoria’s significant buildings ensures their character is preserved as the state grows and evolves.

Quotes attributable to the Minister for Planning, Richard Wynne

“The Edgy now has the highest heritage protection in Victoria, any future changes would need a permit from Heritage Victoria.

“It is important that our significant heritage buildings are recognised and protected, The Edgy joins almost 2300 place and objects on the Victorian Heritage Register.”

Quotes attributable to the Member for Mordialloc, Tim Richardson

“The Mentone Hotel is a landmark in our community, it’s home to the memories and stories of our community who have rallied to make sure its heritage and character are protected.”

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