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Fiskville Inquiry Will Tell Firefighters the Whole Truth

09 December 2014

A landmark Parliamentary Inquiry into health concerns at the Fiskville training centre will give firefighters and their families the answers they need and the justice they deserve.

Premier Daniel Andrews joined Emergency Services Minister Jane Garrett to announce the terms of reference for the Parliamentary Inquiry into Fiskville.

When Parliament resumes, a Joint Parliamentary Committee will be established to conduct the Inquiry. It will study pollution, contamination and unsafe activities at Fiskville between 1970 and today.

The Inquiry will also cover the site’s effects on the health of employees, residents and visitors during that time, the role and responsibility of past and present executive management, and other issues.

The Committee will provide an interim report by June 2015 and a final report by December 2015.

Importantly, the Inquiry will make recommendations as necessary to reduce ongoing harm, provide justice to victims and families, and assess the viability of the site’s decontamination and rehabilitation.

A 2012 report found firefighters at Fiskville were exposed to dangerous chemicals. The report declared the training facility safe, but many questions and concerns still remain.

Before the State Election, Mr Andrews joined hundreds of firefighters at Collingwood Town Hall to announce that a Labor Government would establish a Fiskville inquiry as a matter of priority.

Quotes attributable to Premier Andrews

“We need a full and frank inquiry to answer every question, honour every worker and reassure every family.”

“No one can put their hand on their heart and say that justice has been served. It’s time to put this right.”

“I promised this inquiry and now I’m establishing it, because I support our firefighters.”

Quotes attributable to Minister Garrett

“I can’t accept that everything is completely safe and everything is fine. Our firefighters know better.”

“Fiskville is also a place of remembrance for brave firefighters who have fallen in the line of duty. It’s a powerful reminder that the health, wellbeing and safety of this profession should never be taken for granted.”

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