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Easier And More Secure Government Digital Services On Track

12 July 2017

The Andrews Labor Government is engaging with some of the world’s leading digital pioneers as we seek to boost the state’s digital capabilities to deliver the modern and secure services the community needs.

Special Minister of State Gavin Jennings today met with e-government leaders in Estonia and visited the e-Estonia Showroom, which highlights the nation’s transition to the world’s most digitally advanced society.

The insights gained from the Estonian Government’s work will help inform the Victorian Government’s continued work towards building the modern digital services the community expects.

The Labor Government’s 2016-2020 ICT strategy kick-started the process of digitising Victorian Government services to ensure Victorians can better access everyday services anywhere, anytime – as well as giving frontline workers the tools they need to tackle challenges such as family violence and homelessness.

With hundreds of phone hotlines and 538 different websites, accessing Victorian Government services and information can be difficult and costly.

The current focus of the strategy is on improving information and data sharing, delivering better digital platforms, and boosting the capability of our public service.

Work is well underway on Service Victoria, which will modernise the delivery of the highest volume government transactions, such as car registration, to ensure that members of the community can more easily access these services. Service Victoria is on track to launch its first digital transactions for the community in 2018.

A streamlined process for e-procurement was also recently introduced to make Victorian Government access to new technologies and electronic services easier, cheaper and more efficient.

As part of the visit, Mr Jennings also gained insights into data sharing, cyber security, and e-procurement from the Estonian Government, the United Kingdom Cabinet Office, Germany’s Federal Commissioner for Data Protection, and Berlin’s Service Innovation lab.

The learnings on how other countries are dealing with cyber security in particular will continue to inform our work on this crucial issue, with the Labor Government’s new cyber security strategy soon to be released.

The Labor Government is also in the process of recruiting the state’s first ever Chief Information Security Officer to boost our security capabilities and protect information from growing cyber risks and potential attacks.

Quotes attributable to Special Minister of State Gavin Jennings

“In just a short period of time, Estonia has become the world’s leading digital nation and it’s important that we take the time to learn from them, so that we can deliver the modern digital services the community expects.”

“This is about improving government services for hard working families, so they don’t have to waste time trawling though dozens of websites and hotlines.”

“Victoria is already the digital and tech capital of Australia and we want the public service to share in this fast growing sector.”

Reviewed 19 August 2020

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