Dry Conditions Continue To Impact Victorian Towns

01 December 2015

The release of water security outlooks by Victoria’s water corporations shows a number of towns facing the possibility of water restrictions over summer if dry conditions continue.

The outlooks show that while about three quarters of the State’s urban water supply systems have supplies that will see them avoid restrictions – particularly those connected to the water grid – about one quarter may require water restrictions over summer, if demands are high under dry and worst case scenarios.

In Melbourne, where water storages remain above seventy per cent, water restrictions are not expected over coming months but households are urged to continue saving water particularly over the hotter months.

The 23 urban supply systems facing the possibility of low level water restrictions cover towns in South Gippsland, the Colac region, North East Victoria and North Central Victoria.

A range of potential supply and demand options are available and being further explored in these areas as contingency measures if low rainfall and inflows to storages continue. Under low level restrictions business and indoor household needs aren’t affected.

The Andrews Labor Government is working with water corporations on these contingency measures and a drought preparedness statement will be released in coming weeks.

The water security outlooks provide a summary of the supplies that urban water corporations have available and forecasts about how these supplies will cope and be managed with expected demand given certain rainfall and inflows to their storages.

The outlooks have been released by the respective water corporations and are available on their websites.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Water, Lisa Neville

“These outlooks show that under continuing dry conditions a number of towns may face low level water restrictions over coming months and we are currently developing a statewide drought preparedness statement which will include these areas.“

“Continuing dry conditions are placing significant stress on local communities and we are working hard on improving water access and increasing security of supply in the future.”

“While Victoria is well placed to cope with drought, we want to have a conversation about the best use of the Victorian water grid to meet the challenges of dry conditions, climate change and population growth.”

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