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Corruption And Misconduct Won’t Be Tolerated

30 June 2015

The behaviour that we have seen exposed over the past eight weeks during the IBAC hearings is an absolute disgrace.

The public expects and deserves better from its public servants, and Victorian families have every right to be outraged that their money was stolen by these corrupt officials.

I commend IBAC for uncovering this mess and handling the process in a professional and thorough manner.

I was pleased to see Education Department Secretary, Gill Callister, announce sweeping changes at IBAC today.

I fully intend to hold her and the Department to account and make sure that these vital reforms are delivered in full. I have confidence in Ms Callister to clean up the Department and put it back on a positive track to serve the best interests of students, teachers and parents.

I will also write to the Public Sector Commissioner to request that she monitor and oversee the Department’s actions.

No-one wants to see this happen again.

I hope this has sent a very clear message to government agencies and employees across Victoria that corruption, misconduct and dishonest behaviour will not be tolerated.

Anyone who breaks the rules will be caught and face severe consequences for their actions.

The people of Victoria deserve nothing less.

Reviewed 19 August 2020

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