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Building Our Communities For 10 Million People

06 August 2015

Minister for Planning Richard Wynne has released the latest Victoria in Future report for 2015, which shows our state will have a 10 million-strong population by 2051.

Mr Wynne said the population projections confirm Victoria as the country’s fastest-growing state, and while that presents opportunities, we need to build and invest in liveable communities to take advantage of them.

Interstate and international migration is behind much of the population growth. Victoria is attracting people through its strong employment and education opportunities, which will boost skills and growth as the Australian economy shifts.

The population projections reinforce a need to encourage smart growth. To ensure our communities are strong, we need to build affordable housing close to jobs, transport and services.

Mr Wynne said that the Andrews Labor Government is supporting this by trialling inclusionary zoning on government land releases, with a view to expanding this to other development sites.

Inclusionary zoning will provide more reasonably priced housing so that our teachers, cleaners, hospitality workers and other Victorians can live closer to their jobs. This means less time travelling, a better quality of life and a more productive and stronger economy.

Mr Wynne reaffirmed the Labor Government’s commitment to refreshing Plan Melbourne, to ensure it better reflects the needs of communities for housing, transport, jobs and growth.

Victoria in Future 2015 is available online at Link

Quotes attributable to Minister for Planning Richard Wynne

“Victoria is the fastest-growing state in the country, thanks to the employment and education opportunities that we offer. Our state can seize on the opportunities this brings, but only if we plan for it.”

“We need to get smart and encourage affordable housing that’s close to jobs, transport and services. This means people will spend less time travelling, while helping to create jobs and grow Victoria.”

“By 2051, Victoria’s population will hit 10 million people. That is 10 million reasons why we cannot get this wrong.”

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