Bridge Honours Police Officer’s Ultimate Sacrifice

01 October 2015

A police officer killed in the line of duty is today being honoured with a bridge named in his memory.

In unveiling the Tim Lewczuk Bridge on the M80 Ring Rd in Ardeer, Minister for Police Wade Noonan was joined by Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner Shane Patton, Blue Ribbon Foundation Chairman Bill Noonan and Sen Constable Lewczuk’s family and former colleagues.

Situated at the Western Highway exit of the M80 Ring Rd, the bridge is where Sen Constable Lewczuk, 30, lost his life on 10 May, 1997.

About 8.20pm, Sen Constable Lewczuk and Sen-Constable Kylie Towk were patrolling the M80 Ring Rd when they intercepted a car near the Western Highway exit.

The officers parked on the bridge behind the car. While Sen Constable Lewczuk was questioning the driver, a third car crashed into the police car and threw him over the bridge railing and onto the road below. He died at the scene.

The naming of the Tim Lewczuk Bridge comes in the same week as National Police Remembrance Day and Blue Ribbon Day, which honour police who died serving the community.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Police Wade Noonan

“Every day thousands of police officers like Tim Lewczuk, put their lives on the line to protect the community. It’s a privilege to be able to unveil this lasting tribute.”

“Police officers can pay the ultimate price to keep us safe. We will honour their sacrifice.’’

Quote attributable to Member for St Albans Natalie Suleyman

Tim Lewczuk was born, raised and worked in the West. This bridge will stand as a permanent recognition of his sacrifice in the line of duty.’’

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