Blood Test Crack Down On Drug Drivers Becomes Law

03 September 2015

New laws introduced by the Andrews Labor Government making it mandatory for all drivers involved in serious crashes to submit to blood testing for drugs have been passed by Parliament today.

From October 30, police will have the power to compel all drivers involved in crashes where someone is seriously hurt or killed to have their blood tested for drugs.

The reforms close a legal loophole where drivers who kill or cause serious injury were not required to submit to a blood test if they themselves did not need medical attention.

This led to a driver who killed a pedestrian being charged with dangerous driving rather than the much more serious offence of culpable driving, as police were unable to obtain enough evidence to prove he was drug impaired at the time of the accident.

The laws are in addition to two new offences for combined drink and drug-driving that came into force on August 1. These carry a minimum 12-month licence cancellation and court fines of up to $4550 for a first offence.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Police Wade Noonan

“These new laws will give police an extra tool to detect more people under the influence of drugs and make them accountable.”

“This Government is taking action to crackdown on drug drivers and help keep our roads safe.”

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